Corporate America and the Build Back Better Act

An InfluenceMap Briefing

October 2021

An Analysis of the Climate Positions of Leading US Companies

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This briefing analyzes the 20 largest, US-based companies with InfluenceMap Organization Scores over 65 - indicating broadly positive positioning towards climate change policy - for their engagement with the US Build Back Better Act.

Despite their apparent support for climate action, the majority of these 20 companies are not publicly endorsing the Build Back Better Act. Their inactivity is accompanied by the highly active opposition of US industry associations, where many remain members.

Update as of December 7, 2021:

11 of the 20 companies appear to have positively, partially engaged on the bill – for example, by supporting some but not all of the climate provisions it contains. For many companies, their engagement stops short of disavowing the positions of their trade associations.

InfluenceMap found no evidence of engagement (or evidence of openly obstructive engagement) with the Build Back Better Act from the 9 remaining companies.


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